FIDE FPL Seminar in Baku during the World Cup

During the World Cup 2023 in Baku, the FIDE Fair Play Commission organized a Fair Play Seminar, which took place from July 31st to August 4th, 2023. Twenty-four participants attended the event, which provided a platform for chess arbiters, organizers, and other stakeholders interested in delving into the fundamental principles of fair play in chess. Lectures ranged on such topics as Fair Play Legal Framework (including standards of proof) and Fair Play Regulations, Statistical Analysis, and the practical application of Fair Play Theory in both Over-the-Board (OTB) and Online events. 

At the end of the 4-day seminar, an examination was held to assess the proficiency of the attendees. The following participants successfully passed the examination:

  1. Anish Ansari (IND)
  2. Godbole Atharva (IND) 
  3. Kaussar Bauyrzhan (KAZ)
  4. Margit Brokko (EST)
  5. Ismail Caliskan (TUR)
  6. Dhana R Ch (IND)
  7. Amir Erfan Hashemi (IRA)
  8. Goodwill Khoa (NAM)
  9. Klára Kovács (HUN)
  10. Emmanuel Mwaka (UGA)
  11. Chanda Nsakanya (ZAM)
  12. Lennart Ootes (NED)
  13. Luciano Rietter (BRA)
  14. Sabrina de San Vicente (URU)
  15. Ramendra Dutt Sharma (IND)
  16. Ali Nihat Yazici (TUR)
  17. Elsa Yueh (TPE)

They will receive an FPE seminar norm as one of the requirements for the FPE title.

Seminar Lecturers:

Stay tuned for forthcoming seminars from the FIDE Fair Play Commission as we remain committed to disseminating fair-play-related knowledge.