Bojana Bejatovic

Secretary of the FIDE Fair Play Commission

ACP General Secretary
Social Media Manager
Consultant and Project Manager

Bojana is a QMS Internal Auditor and holds a LLB degree. She was a member of the Self-Evaluation Commission at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” Skopje. Later on, she was working as a junior consultant, project manager and PR.

Fair Play –

Bojana has been a member of the Fair Play Commission since 2019, taking an active part of the Fair Play Panels on different events, cases and creating fair play regulations. Fair Play Officer at the FIDE World Cup 2021, many online FIDE events, FIDE Grand Swiss 2021, FIDE Grand Prix 2022, Fair Play Expert at the FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai 2022.